Photo Credits

Thanks to all the photographers whose work appears on these pages. We have made every attempt to give you credit here for your photos. However, due to the ever-changing nature of this website, we may occasionally miss a credit, or give you credit below even if your photo is no longer being used on the site.

Photos are listed by description, with the photographer’s name and contact information (if available).

Photos downloaded from, the free stock photography site:

  • Man with briefcase: Marten Bjork,
  • Black pink blue building: Mike Kononov,
  • Passion led us here: Ian Schneider,
  • Person looking down office building: Alex Knight,
  • Chessboard:
  • Globe, Kyle Glenn,
  • Spiral stairs: Jude Beck,
  • Type fonts: Amador Loureiro,
  • Dog with kids: Patrick Hendry,
  • Rowing team: Josh Calabrese
  • Woman in Tesla: Taneli Lahtinen,
  • Laps in meeting: Nicole Honewill, Sincerely Media 
  • Welcome: Belinda Fewings
  • World Economic Forum: Evangeline Shaw
  • Round table meeting: Evangeline Shaw
  • Hands holding light: Josh Boot, 
  • Bubble: Marcus Spiske,
  • Path to the top: Paula May,
  • Liberty: Eric Lindgren
  • Tree Hands, Shane Rounce
  • Microphone, Kane Weinholdtsen

Other photos:

  • San Francisco Building in Progress, Kelly Manjula Koza,