Online Solutions


The global marketplace is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape.  The means of doing business are in a constant state of transformation whether by new technologies, changing economies, unexpected natural disasters or global pandemics. Today’s business leaders must be adept and agile to maintain their competitive advantage and remain on the cutting edge of new methods and practices in the international business world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rely on virtual technologies for almost all core and strategic communications. As the business world adapts to the “new normal”, it is no longer enough for business leaders to have effective communication skills.  Rather, they must also be well versed at methods and nuances of virtual communication.  While actual and virtual communication have many things in common, they are also very different.  Virtual communication has its own set of challenges and requirements that must be mastered if business leaders are to use it effectively.

To address this new reality, M-POWER has adapted our signature language and communications courses to an online learning experience focusing on the development of effective virtual communication skills & methods. We have augmented our courses with strategies and solutions for ensuring accuracy and clarity when communicating across virtual platforms. Like in person communications, virtual communications can go off track and fail when messaging is misunderstood or not delivered with clarity.  We address these specific and nuanced issues in our course offerings.  M-Virtual provides business professionals with the opportunity to: