Brief description of project

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy. Economists and financial analysts around the world have varied widely in their predictions of the economic impact ranging from economic stagnation to “the mother of all recessions.” If history has taught us anything, however, economic downturns always create economic opportunities.

A little known fact is that more millionaires were made during the Great Depression than any other time period in American history. During the “Great Recession of 2008” many companies retooled and came up with more profitable products and strategies. There is no doubt that 2021 will bear significant financial hardships for many and a challenging economy for most, if not all. But opportunities will also abound as demand increases for alternate products and competitive options for professional services.

A similar dynamic was seen in post-WW2 Italy, as entrepreneurship and innovation within small and mid-sized companies powered the industrialization of the nation, helping it join the ranks of the world’s leading economies. Today, SMEs account for 82% of the Italian workforce and 92% of its companies*. These organizations are once again poised to rise to the challenge.

Through the voices of experts in a variety of different sectors impacted by the pandemic, M-POWER’s “Rising to the Challenge of a Post Pandemic World” campaign seeks to better understand the economic and social impact of COVID 19 on Italy’s SMEs and, more importantly, to assess the opportunities for growth in the post-pandemic marketplace. Our experts are industry leaders in their sectors because they have the ability to see opportunity in every challenge. And that is why we have asked them to give us unfiltered assessment of the challenges facing the global marketplace and their sector in 2021.


Types of questions

Our experts will be asked to respond to any 3 of the following questions depending on which sector they work in.

1. What permanent changes do you foresee in your sector due to the impact of Covid-19? How should people in your sector prepare?

2. What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learnt during this crisis?

3. Realistically, what will be the situation in Italy in 1 year, both as it relates to the virus and it’s impact on the economy?

4. What is the most positive/negative thing that comes out from this pandemic?

5. What do all of the changes in the next year mean for leaders of organizations?

6. What is your organization doing to survive and thrive in this new climate?

Types of experts participating

International tax

Communications (NGO)

Law enforcement


Technology (distributor)

Management consulting

Healthcare (Hospital)

International PR

Medical equipment (PPE)

Automotive (luxury)

Healthcare (distributor)

Healthcare (Hospital)

International travel

Online retailer

Hotels (Luxury)



We plan to use a variety of marketing and communication efforts to generate interest and awareness of this campaign including:

Linkedin: publishing individual responses on Linkedin pages of M-POWER and our experts.

Create special area on m-power.it devoted to the “Rising to the Challenge of a Post Pandemic World” campaign showcasing responses from all experts.

Media outreach.

Possible virtual event on the topic in early 2021 (TBD).


January 11: Experts to submit responses to questions in English.
January 18: Review/edit/finalize expert responses; approval from expert.
January 18: Identify and secure appropriate photos; approval from expert.
January 18: Build dedicated area on m-power.it to showcase expert responses.
January 25: Commence publishing individual responses on Linkedin, once per week.
Early 2021: Virtual event.