Applied Use Program: New Client & Business Development


Course Description

In today’s global marketplace, professional service providers cannot succeed without effective business and client development skills.  It is not enough to have the technical competencies required by their profession.  Rather, successful business professionals must also be “rainmakers.”  Many professionals, however, lack the necessary skills to develop new clients and new business.  While many professionals are well-educated in the substantive competencies of their professions, they lack basic training in client marketing and business development.    

Savvy business developers all have one thing in common: they are great sellers.  To be a great seller, one must be a persuasive communicator.  We have designed a course to help professionals achieve selling and career success by becoming accomplished business developers.  

In our customized course, we interview each student to identify and assess specific business development needs.  The individual assessment allows us to customize our training program so that we can focus on subjects and skills development that will have the biggest impact.  Within our customized framework for individuals, we teach the following skills:

– How to engage in masterful client discussions to sell ideas, influence decision-making and inspire action
– How to interact with prospective clients to assess and identify needs and preferences
– How to use active and passive marketing strategies effectively
– How to cross-sell and up-sell effectively
– How to deliver the winning client pitch
– How to market across cultures in the global marketplace  

We use an active method of instruction consisting of role-play and simulation exercises throughout the course.  At the end of the course, students will have formulated a customized business development strategy with the basic skills to implement their plan.