Applied Use Program: Effective Contract Drafting


Course Description

In today’s global marketplace, most commercial contracts and agreements are drafted in English. We have prepared a writing course especially for lawyers and legal professionals who are tasked with preparing commercial contract documents in English.

Our course is taught by licensed lawyers with substantial experience in international commercial and contract law. Most commercial agreements follow a logical sequence and use common contract provisions. We teach students how to use a basic system of organization and structure to draft enforceable contracts.

Students will learn how to identify the need for essential contract requirements when drafting agreements. We introduce students to the fundamental principles of contract drafting, formation and interpretation. We also teach students how to use common and essential contract provisions such as indemnity, severability, choice of law, dispute resolution, intellectual property protections, damages and termination.

At the conclusion of the course, students will be equipped with the tools to prepare and draft the essential commercial contracts in English.