Functional Program: Preparing and Giving Persuasive Presentations


Course Description

Today’s business professionals are called upon to give presentations in a variety of situations.  These circumstances range from technical or strategic presentations to project status reports and client pitches.  Whether formal or informal, business professionals must have strong presentation skills so that they can communicate with a purpose.  We have prepared an interactive course designed to improve both confidence and presentation skills.  We also customize our core curriculum to meet the special presentation needs of specific industries and professions.  We use a core curriculum as a foundation to customize our training so that we can focus on the unique demands of specific industries and professions.  Our adaptable core curriculum consists of the following: 

– How to lead with persuasive themes and stories instead of details and data
– How to overcome short attention spans – getting to the point in 2 minutes or less
– How to structure and organize a compelling presentation
– How to use PPT and visual aids effectively – avoiding “death by PPT”
– How to lead with the bottom line and effective strategies for preparing convincing content
– How to prepare for questions and interruptions
– How to use rhetorical communication techniques effectively
– How to use both verbal and non-verbal communication for persuasion
– Preparation, Preparation, Preparation – identifying expectations and understanding your audience
– How to sell the “vision of success” in every presentation

As an interactive course, we use role-play and simulated exercises during every class.  Students will have the opportunity to give a variety of different formal and informal presentations during the course.  On the final class, students will prepare and give a short PPT presentation to our panel of adjunct consulting experts.  The panel will conduct a “Q and A” during each student performance and then participate in a constructive feedback session following each presentation.  At the conclusion of the course, students will have developed the essential skills and confidence to give powerful, effective and compelling presentations.