Functional Program: Managing People


Course Description

Managing people in the workplace can be difficult in any language.  Professionals are often tasked with managing a group or team that consists of people with different personalities from diverse cultural backgrounds.  A manager’s performance, however, is often judged by the accomplishments of his team and the success of the people he supervises.  This can be a daunting challenge for many because no two people are the same.  Everyone has different motivations, career goals and communication styles. To be effective managers, professionals must be equipped with different communication skills to motivate and obtain optimal performance from all team members.  We have designed a course specifically for professionals seeking to develop and improve their management capabilities.  During our course, students will learn the following:   

– How to use different methods and approaches to motivate different personality types in the workplace
– How to use “positive power words” to inspire success
– How to effectively delegate responsibility and empower your team to succeed
– How to use different communication strategies to obtain optimal performance from every team member
– How to deal with the “problem child” – turning the poorest performer into the best team player
– How to resolve conflicts efficiently and effectively
– How to gain the trust of your team and build your company’s confidence in you as a leader
– How to give constructive feedback and positive reinforcement
– How to write accurate, concise and useful performance evaluations
– How to communicate and motivate a cross-culturally diverse workforce      

At the beginning of the course, we do an individual assessment so that each student can gain an insight into his/her management style, preferences, strengths and areas for development.  The student assessments not only provide valuable feedback, but they also allow us to customize our course so that we can emphasize the greatest areas of need.  Throughout the course, we use an inter-active teaching method with role-play and simulation exercises.  We facilitate opportunities for students to learn through a combination of theoretical and practical methods.  Our approach reinforces the development of essential management skills.  At the conclusion of the course, students will have the essential skills to manage a diverse workforce with effectiveness and confidence.