Functional Program: The Art of Persuasion and Negotiation


Course Description

Success in today’s competitive commercial world requires much more than the ability to speak English. Rather, business professionals must also be equipped with the skills of persuasion. 

Successful business leaders are first and foremost great communicators. All great communicators must first master the skills of persuasion and negotiation. Today’s business professionals work across cultures and within demographically diverse organizations. Electronic communication and other technological advancements have greatly expanded the methods and speed by which information is shared and decisions are made. The technology age, however, also presents business professionals with unique challenges when it comes to communication and persuasion.  As a consequence, business professionals often lack the tools necessary for successful negotiation and persuasion.

Our course introduces students to the essential elements of persuasion and effective negotiation. We discuss and illustrate the importance of themes in persuasive speaking. We teach students how to develop a successful framework for any negotiation.  Specifically, we provide students with a conceptual modal for identifying goals and formulating negotiating strategies. Classes consist of student role-play that will be followed by constructive feedback and group discussion. We use real world events for simulated in- class exercises that will provide students with the opportunity to acquire the necessary tools of persuasion and negotiation. At the conclusion of the course, students will have developed the basic skills to approach any negotiation as well as the confidence to succeed.