In our Master Class: Legal English Functional course, students will study specific areas of the law with a focus on the distinct language used in each discipline.

In our Master Class: Legal English Functional course, we devote time to the following disciplines:



Real property



International & comparative law

We also include an introduction to intellectual property because of its subject matter importance and interrelationship with other disciplines such as commercial law and contracts.

To maximize the learning experience, we recommend that students complete the Master Class: Legal English Foundational course before enrolling in our Master Class: Legal English Functional course.

Fluency in legal English requires two critical competencies:

1) knowledge of the distinct words, phrases and methods of communication, and

2) the skills to communicate in this language effectively.

Students will improve essential skills for communicating with international clients, colleagues, opposing counsel and/or audiences, whether it be speaking, writing, presenting or negotiating. The Master Class: Legal English Foundational course is designed to improve both student skills and confidence across a broad array of essential legal communication needs.

Students will also acquire greater depth of intermediate-advanced English language skills essential to the legal profession: expanded legal vocabulary, higher reading and listening comprehension capabilities, more familiarity with unique features of American and British legal English.

Type of course: Group.

Number of students: 4 - 8 (max).

Type of students: Legal professionals at firms practicing internationally and corporate counsel working in house at multi-national companies. To maximize the learning experience, we recommend that students have an English proficiency level* of B2 or higher for this program. Language level will be determined by 1) an online language test, and 2) an online interview that each prospective student is required to participate in.


Course materials: All didactic materials for the course will be provided.

The course will be held onsite at the M:POWER office located inside the Tenoha Business Center:

Via Vigevano 18
20144 Milan

Students will be required to follow safety guidelines and protocols set by the Italian government vis-a-vis in-person training. Should new national, regional or municipal lock downs be introduced, courses will continue online as scheduled. Details will be provided as necessary.

M:POWER also offers both group and individual legal English courses onsite at our client's place of business. For more information about our onsite business solutions, send us an
email at

Course length: 20 hours.

Start date: Students can start a course at any time during the year; 2021-22 academic year commences September 8, 2021 and ends July 27, 2022.

End date: Course ends after the completion of 20 hours.

Lesson day: Wednesdays (except if Wednesday falls on a national holiday)

Lesson time: 6:30-8:30pm

Course fees
€ 450 (group course)

€ 1,250 (individual course)

Payment policy
Payment for all course fees must be made prior to the commencement of the course.

Refund policy
Once registration has been made and payment received:
1. students that opt out of a course at least 1 week before its commencement are entitled to receive 100% refund of the fee.
2. students that opt out of a course within 1 week before its commencement are entitled to receive 50% refund of the fee.
3. Once the course has commenced, no refund shall be provided.

Cancellation policy
Students cannot cancel any lessons nor carry over the remaining course hours for a later date after they have started a group course.

Privacy & GDPR
Students are advised that sessions may be recorded on video. If so, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer. These videos will be made available for free on M:POWER's Power Podcast on YouTube. Students are encouraged to use this occasion to develop confidence and public speaking skills, particularly as it relates to communicating in the digital world. Video editing will nonetheless be done to produce a professional quality product that will showcase the session, the training and student interaction in the best light possible.

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