Applied Use Program: International Mediation & Arbitration in the Commercial World


Course Description

Commercial disputes are inherent in the international business world.  With rising litigation costs, businesses are increasing their use of mediation and related procedures as an alternative for dispute resolution.

Today’s business leaders must be equipped with knowledge of the mediation process and effective communication skills for strategic conflict resolution. Business professionals must also be knowledgeable about the cross-cultural considerations that impact dispute resolution with foreign companies.

Lead by legal experts with international mediation experience, our course will provide students with a strong working knowledge of the mediation process. Students will learn effective and strategic communication strategies for conflict resolution. We will use simulated mediations throughout the course to allow students to practice critical presentation, communication and conflict resolution skills.

We use performance-based objectives throughout the course so students can evaluate their own progress.  The goal of the course is to equip students with essential knowledge and skills to use the mediation process effectively as a strategic tool of commercial dispute resolution.