Applied Use Program: Empowering Women Leaders


Women continue to advance into leadership positions in the business world as they grow in power and influence within their companies.  Empowering women leaders with persuasive communication strategies allows them to be a step ahead of their male counterparts.

Course Description

While narrowing, the gender gap continues to present unique challenges to professional women.  Recent studies have shown that as women advance in into leadership positions within companies, their level of engagement and satisfaction declines.  The exact opposite is true for their male counterparts.  This disparity has been attributed to the different experiences male and female professionals have as they advance in their careers.  Perception and communication play important roles in efforts to close this gap. M-POWER’s Empowering Women Leaders course was created specifically to equip non-native English-speaking female business leaders with necessary tools to overcome these challenges and succeed.

Effective and persuasive communication strategies can help women leaders to overcome obstacles in the workplace and succeed.  During our interactive 3-week course, we examine communication techniques within the context of executive leadership.  We explore the unique challenges women leaders face as business leaders.  We offer techniques for building effective, influential and persuasive communication skills.

The key topics covered during our course include leadership and teamwork, critical thinking and decision-making, emotional intelligence, mentorship and “leaning in” with confidence.  Our course is interactive and is always modified to address the specific needs of the women leaders who participate in the course.