Italian business professionals are in high demand in key industry sectors in North America. Skilled service providers are being recruited by English-speaking companies across diverse market sectors such as life-sciences, pharma, technology, aerospace and hospitality.

In estero, business professionals will work in highly competitive environments and experience unique cultural interactions and communications practices. The Italian professionals recruited to work in North America typically have solid English language skills. Most, however, lack the business and cultural fluency skills that are indispensable to career success. At M:POWER, we have created a super-intensive course that will fully prepare Italian professionals to "hit the ground running" and succeed. Our course is also designed for North American companies seeking to on-board and integrate Italian professionals into their workplaces.

The course is highly customized and can range from one to two weeks, depending on student availability and specific needs. We initiate the course with a detailed interview to assess the student’s English language level as well as specific industry, company and job requirements. We then prepare an intensive course curriculum that targets student needs and objectives. During the intensive course, students will attend 4 to 6 hours of daily lessons with our expert consultants. They will participate in critical role-play and simulation exercises to improve communication skills in critical disciplines. These disciplines include the following:

1. Industry Overview – summary of the latest trends, developments and market activity in subject industry;

2. Common Business Expressions & Idioms – review of the specialized English, expressions, idioms used in subject industry and work position;

3. Communication Strategies – review of commercial customs, standards and recommended best practices for emails, conference calls, internal meetings, external client meetings, memos and letters;

4. Understanding Commercial & Legal Risk – a review of the commercial and legal risk that impacts company decision-making, policy and practices;

5. Corporate Governance – a review of the organizational and legal structures of North American companies which control strategic planning, decision-making and related activities;

6. Business Etiquette & Practices – a review of the norms and generally accepted practices for inter-company and external communications with clients and third parties;

7. Socializing & Networking – a review of the generally accepted and recommended best practices for client and business development. We also explore both active and passive marketing strategies within specific industries so that students can market with a purpose.

At the conclusion of the customized super-intensive course, students will have developed essential business and cultural fluency to communicate with confidence. They will have developed the essential communication skills to succeed in their new professional career in estero.