Master Class: Legal English


M:POWER's Master Class: Legal English offers a series of advanced and rigorous legal English courses designed for the most sophisticated legal minds working in the international arena.

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English remains the dominant working language of the global marketplace. Lawyers and other business professionals who represent and/or interact with international clients and companies must be fluent not only in English – but Legal English.

Legal English is used widely to negotiate contracts, analyze commercial risks, discuss business strategies and resolve conflicts and disputes.

English also continues to be the predominate language used to conduct international arbitrations. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), headquartered in Paris and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) are two of the world’s most preferred and most used international arbitration tribunals.

According to a recent ICC annual report, 77% of its arbitrations were conducted in English which is also its working language (in addition to French). Similarly, HKIAC reported that in 2020, 80.8% of its administered arbitrations were conducted in English.

Lisa M. Marchese
Master Class: Legal English is led by M:POWER Senior Partner, Lisa M. Marchese. Click image to see her bio.

Legal English is a specialized language used by lawyers, judges, paralegals, and legal assistants to communicate with each other, clients, and counterparts. It is a technical “lingua franca” that requires knowledge and skills at a level beyond working English fluency. That’s why M:POWER’s Master Class: Legal English is a must for anyone working in the international legal sector.