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Introduction to the U.S. & Bristish legal systems with emphasis on civil dispute resolution processes; fundamental elements of the criminal justice systems with emphasis on financial and white-collar crimes, legal risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies; mediation and alternate dispute resolution.

In the Master Class: Legal English Functional course, students will study specific areas of the law with a focus on distinct language used in each discipline: contracts, torts, real property, commercial law, corporations, international and comparative law, introduction to intellectual property.

Explore communication strategies and techniques for using legal English; language and approaches used in negotiations, mediation, alternate dispute resolution and arbitrations; reviewing interview techniques, advanced risk management strategies, corporate compliance and internal investigations.

Customized learning experiences for lawyers and legal practitioners with specific communication needs: assisting with preparation & delivery of presentations for clients, mediations, arbitrations and/or other dispute resolution procedures. We also prepare customized instruction in legal disciplines to meet specific needs.