How to build bridges to a better cultural intelligence

How do you see the world you live in? When you interact with friends, associates and colleagues from different cultures do you see them as they are? Or, do you see them as you are?

For most of us, we tend to evaluate situations and judge people from the perspective of our own cultural norms, values and expectations. The isolating impacts of a global pandemic have only exacerbated this inclination. But the world has changed. To overcome these challenges, we must also change.

To form successful partnerships, to thrive in the global marketplace, today’s professionals must build better bridges across broader geographical and cultural divides. They need a deeper and more sophisticated Cultural Intelligence.

At M:POWER, we are passionate about helping our clients and colleagues to deepen their cultural awareness so that they can forge the bonds and relationships across cultures that lead success. We want to share that passion and continue this important dialogue with all of you as we launch our Building Bridges podcast series. In Part I, we begin this conversation by discussing the nature of the challenges as well as the need for a greater cultural intelligence.

If you work in the global marketplace, or if you just want to deepen your cross cultural awareness to develop better communication skills, our podcast series is for you. Here, we are all about building bridges. Ones that will lead to a deeper awareness and more effective communication skills that will help you make better connections and build stronger bridges across cultures.

So joins us for our introduction and let’s begin building these important bridges and pathways together!


Opinion: American Cultural Intelligence is Needed Now More Than Ever (Puget Sound Business Journal, 24/11/20)

Our world can seem to be spinning out of control. For months, the Covid-19 pandemic has shut down most of the country and drastically altered the lives of every American. The tragic death of George Floyd set off a tsunami of protests and unrest. Monuments to both Confederate soldiers and heroes such as Abraham Lincoln have been vandalized by angry mobs.

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Covid-19 changed the fabric of Italian life. But it couldn’t stop the courage and determination of Italians to come together to fight for each other.

Our business community is no different. While challenges remain, businesses and all hardworking Italians across the country are bravely fighting to get back to normality and beyond.

It’s exactly in times like these that we need to look to the future and embrace the opportunities it holds for those of us brave enough to make bold decisions. Italian businesses can and must thrive in this new reality. It must take the lead and take advantage of the possibilities.

Invest in your people. Invest in your future.

The need to communicate with others around the world is more important than ever before. This is the time to invest in the future of your company and the country by investing in your people.

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M-POWER Virtual Aperitivo with Special Guest, Kim Tran, Senior Attorney, Global Workplace Investigations, Microsoft

M-POWER is pleased to welcome Kim Tran as our special guest speaker to Virtual Aperitivo to share with us her experiences of how COVID-19 has impacted daily working life at Microsoft. She will share with us the experiences of her team in adapting daily and strategic working activities to a virtual platform. In particular, she will discuss how her team has conducted key interviews and confidential communications to the virtual space. Kim will offer recommended best practices for engaging in strategic communications across the virtual platform based on the experiences of her team at Microsoft. Kim will offer invaluable insights and recommendations to business professionals who are adapting their critical and daily tasks to the virtual platform.

6:30-7:30pm, May 18, 2020

6:30-6:40pm   Introductions & Welcome to Kim and participants
6:40-7:00pm   Presentation by Kim Tran
7:00-7:20pm   Discussion with Q & A
7:20-7:30pm   Wrap up & conclusion


Kim Tran

Kim is the Senior Attorney on the Global Workplace Investigations Team at Microsoft.  She is a highly respected attorney and multi-cultural community leader.  Kim has provided advice and counseling on employment-related issues and strategic decision-making to HR managers and business leaders throughout the world for over 20 years.  In her current role at Microsoft, Kim conducts and oversees all internal and strategic corporate investigations. She helps implement global programs, drive solutions to address compliance and build a diverse and inclusive workplace. She conducts many strategic internal investigations for Microsoft throughout the world. Kim is also a highly regarded national leader on community justice issues. Currently, she serves as Secretary to Advancing Asians Justice Center, a national non-profit based in Washington, DC that advocates for civil rights and equal justice for Asian Americans.

Online via the Zoom platform.
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M-POWER Virtual Aperitivo with Special Guest, Lee Keller, Founder & CEO of International PR Firm, The Keller Group

M-POWER is pleased to welcome Lee Keller as our special guest speaker to Virtual Aperitivo to share with us some of the challenges her clients have experienced in responding to COVID-19. She’ll also offer some suggestions and recommended best practices for companies in developing and communicating public responses to challenges presented by coronavirus.

6:30-7:30pm, April 20, 2020

6:30-6:40pm   Introductions & Welcome to Lee and participants
6:40-7:00pm   Presentation by Lee Keller
7:00-7:20pm   Discussion with Q & A
7:20-7:30pm   Wrap up & conclusion


Lee Keller

Lee is the Founder and CEO of the Keller Group, an international public relations firm who has represented Fortune 100 companies and C-Suite executives throughout the United States. Lee has extensive experience in media and strategic communications as well as crisis management. She has worked in the U.S. Senate in Washington, DC as the Press Secretary to Senator Daniel J. Evans. Lee also worked very closely with Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen, having managed the strategic planning and external communications of his parent company, Vulcan Inc. Currently, Lee is helping clients with strategic communications and crisis management in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lee is based in Seattle, Washington which was the first City in the U.S. to experience COVID-19 cases.  Washington State has been one of the areas hit the hardest by coronavirus.

Online via the Zoom platform.
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